Is Warsaw Tap Water Safe to Drink?

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Can you drink tap water in Warsaw?

The government in Poland guarantees that the tap water quality in Warsaw is safe to drink. Despite this guarantee, many Poles and tourists use bottled water, especially mineral water, instead of tap water. It is believed that one of the reasons people distrust tap water is because of the influence that the privatized water industry has in Poland. Ad campaigns that promote the quality of bottled mineral water over soft tap water are likely contributing to the public stigma against tap water.

Warsaw Tap Water
Warsaw Fountain Park

Water companies operating in Poland are required to comply with standards adopted from European Union (EU) regulations. The most significant directive is the Water Framework Directive (WFD) which changed the water cleanliness evaluation system that had been used in Poland since 1970. The new system’s objectives are to preserve the Biological, Hydro-morphological (i.e. river bank structure and river continuity) and Chemical quality of ALL ground and surface water. This guarantees that any water meant for consumption must not, even potentially, pose a danger to human health. The directive also sets the general standard of acceptable concentrations of harmful substances in the human body.

Source of Water in Warsaw, Poland

Vistula River
Vistula River

Less than 1% of Warsaw’s water comes from groundwater sources (mainly for a few of the smaller outer-lying municipalities). Most of Warsaw’s water comes from the Vistula River and is retained in the Zegrze Reservoir. The Zegrze Reservoir, or Zegrze Lake, is a man-made reservoir that was built in Poland in 1963. The dam utilizes hydroelectric power to produce 20 Megawatts of energy.

There are three water supply systems that serve Warsaw residents. Central Water Main, developed in the 19th century, is the oldest. Though it has undergone numerous restorations, it continues to operate and currently provides water for more than half of all Warsaw residents. The other two supply systems are Praga Water Main and Northern Water Main.

Traveler’s Notes

Tap water is generally safe to drink, though bottled water is cheap and readily available.

Current Weather in Warsaw


Some of the Convenience Stores in Warsaw

Zabka Convenience Store
Zabka Convenience Store
  • Carrefour Express
  • Żabka
  • Fresh Market
  • Delikatesy Centrum
  • Żabeusz Buy & Cry
  • Shell
  • Sklep osiedlowy
  • Inmedio Trendy
  • hubiz
  • BP
  • Kolporter
  • Lewiatan

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