Tap Water in Warsaw Safe to Drink? (2019)

The government guarantees that the tap water quality in Poland, specifically in Warsaw, is safe to drink. Several Poles and tourists use bottled water, especially mineral water, instead of tap water. One of the reasons why they distrust tap water because of the considerable water industry in Poland. Easy to imagine why people avoid soft tap water in favor of fresher bottled water due to a great deal of advertising natural mineral water.

Water companies operating in Poland are required to comply with standards adapted to the European Union (EU) regulations. The most significant directive was to protect water against pollution. The Water Framework Directive (WFD) regulation also changed the water cleanliness evaluation system and the economic water utility functioning in Poland since 1970 and replaced them with the assessment of the general ecological status. Water meant for consumption must not, even potentially, create a danger to individual health. The directive sets both the parameters of the acceptable concentration of harmful substances for the human body.

Source of Water in Warsaw, Poland

Tap Water in Warsaw

Less than 1% of Warsaw’s water comes from groundwater sources (in a couple of smaller outer-lying municipalities). Most of Warsaw’s water comes from the Vistula River to the Zegrze Reservoir. The Zegrze Reservoir or Zegrze Lake is a human-made reservoir in Poland. The dam constructed in 1963 with a hydroelectric complex producing 20 Megawatts of energy.

Three supply systems serve Warsaw inhabitants. Central Water Main is the oldest and developed in the 19th century. But after numerous restorations, it is still operating and providing water for more than half of Warsaw’s inhabitants. The other supply systems are Praga Water Main and Northern Water Main.

Some of the Local Convenience Stores in Warsaw

  • Carrefour Express
  • Żabka
  • Fresh Market
  • Delikatesy Centrum
  • Żabeusz Buy & Cry
  • Shell
  • Sklep osiedlowy
  • Inmedio Trendy
  • hubiz
  • BP
  • Kolporter
  • Lewiatan

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