Vienna Tap Water Safe to Drink? (2019)

It is safe to drink tap water in Vienna, Austria. The tap water in Vienna is beyond the federal health-based drinking water standards. Vienna’s water runs from the mountain springs in the Styrian/Lower Austrian Alps. And it reaches the Austrian capital city 36 hours later, without pumps and under the severest regulations.

Vienna Tap Water

In some parts, you may see warnings that the water is undrinkable (“Kein Trinkwasser”), or a sign of a crossed-out glass of water.

When exploring the city, you may find drinking fountains that are labeled with “Trinkwasser” (drinking water). The municipality has about 1000 drinking fountains that can be found everywhere, like parks and markets.

Source of Water in Vienna, Austria

The Vienna’s tap water originates in the Lower Austrian-Styrian Alps. The first Vienna spring water main incorporates the mountains Schneeberg, Rax and Schneealpe. And the second Vienna’s spring water foremost includes the Hochschwab Massif. Something close to a full circle was built by tapping the Pfannbauern Spring resided in the eastern foothills of the Hochschwab Massif and feeding it into the First Vienna Spring Water Main. The two spring zones cover 675 square kilometers.

Vienna sees itself in the unusual situation of covering almost all of its drinking water need from mountain springs and only obtaining a small portion through groundwater works. As a result, Vienna uses groundwater only in a state of spring water central repairs, severe pipeline damage, or remarkably high water consumption volumes during hot spells.

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  • Bobbys (Englische Lebensmittel)
  • BP
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  • Lili Markt
  • Nakwon Supermarket
  • Toko Sederhana
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