Is Toronto Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Last Update3:06 am, May 11, 2020

Can you drink tap water in Toronto?

Yes, tap water in Toronto, Canada is safe to drink according to Canadian standards. Did you know that Toronto was the first to introduce chlorine to tap water to kill pathogens such as bacteria and viruses?

Toronto Tap Water
Toronto, Canada

Regardless of water being safe to drink, due to chlorine few areas might find that water tastes and smells terrible. No matter how good was the water coming from the treatment plants, contamination can occur if your home or building is using old pipes. If you have doubts, and for your family safety, you may consider water filtration at home. The water filter can reduce lead, eliminate bad taste, and smell linked with chlorine to protect from potential contaminants that are still under-regulated such as microplastics.

Water Source in Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada, have one water source. Toronto’s four treatment plants are getting their raw water from Lake Ontario. Water pumped out from the distribution system went through a treatment process to provide potable water on each residence. They are continuously testing, monitoring, and analyzing the tap water in Toronto. To ensure it adheres to the strict standards of Toronto Public Health, the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada.

The four water treatment plants are:

  1. RC Harris – It was built in the 1930s and started in 1941, and it is the biggest water treatment plant in Toronto. They produce more than 120,000 million liters of water annually. That’s about 30% of Toronto’s drinking water.
  2. RL Clark – The plant was initially called the Westerly Plant. It Started functioning on November 22, 1968. They can produce more than 130,000 million liters of water annually which is about 30% of Toronto’s drinking water.
  3. FJ Horgan – Started in 1979, it is Toronto’s most current water treatment plant, supplying water to customers in the east end and Region of York. They can produce more than 90,000 million liters of water each year, that’s equivalent to 20% of Toronto’s drinking water.
  4. Island – Can be found on the site of the City’s first water treatment plant built in the 1900s, which is no longer in service. The Island water plant was developed in 1977 and located on center Island. They can produce around 90,000 million liters of water annually, Toronto’s 20% drinking water.

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Mix 40 Convenience Store
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