Is Tokyo Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Last Update2:27 am, May 11, 2020

Can you drink tap water in Tokyo?

Yes, Tokyo, Japan’s extensive tap water supply system is safe. In fact, before a single drop of fresh, tasty water is released into the system, it has to pass over 50 quality measures set by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare. We define Tokyo tap water as soft water. The taste of soft water is mild, so tap water in Tokyo is suitable for drinking!

Tokyo Tap Water
Tokyo Tower

The tap water is drinkable even without filtration and boiling, in metro stations, malls, public toilets, and even in hotels. The quality of the water is determined at the source and not at each tap! I’m not saying contamination in such an extensive water supply system is impossible, but in general, everyone considered the water safe everywhere.

It is also safe to drink Tokyo’s tap water during all seasons and also during the cold winter period from December to February. Some claim it’s even safer than bottled water! The reason is that Japan’s regulations for public water supplies are more stringent than those governing bottled spring water.

Source of Water in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is focusing on two water sources: surface water and groundwater.

Tokyo currently receives 80% of its water from the Tonegawa and Arakawa Rivers, and the remaining 20% from the Tamagawa River. The water from Tamagawa is clear enough that it only needs standard treatment to make it drinkable. The quality of freshwater emanating from the first two rivers. However, it is somewhat lower. But by implementing advanced water treatment, the waterworks can bring quality to an exceptionally high level.

Groundwater partially restricted in some regions in Tokyo Japan. Therefore only a little percentage currently using groundwater just like in Tama Region, western Tokyo.

Rapid economic growth in Japan is a concern for groundwater. Problems like land subsidence and groundwater salinization arose and constituted a significant challenge. Currently, in Japan, where groundwater dilemmas have become well-known, groundwater preservation measures such as consumption limitations and conversion to river water intake are being introduced based on laws and municipal directives.

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Family Mart
Family Mart
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