Is Tap Water in Taipei Safe to Drink? (2019)

Is it safe to drink tap water in Taipei? The tap water supplied by T.W.D. (Taipei Water Department) in Taipei, Taiwan is totally safe. T.W.D.’s water quality is as good as the advanced countries. To retain high standards of water quality at points of use, T.W.D. frequently takes samples of tap water from users’ premises and examines them. The lab has professional staff and equipped with a sophisticated instrument and is a pioneer water examination laboratory in Taiwan to be certified by the R.O.C. Environmental Protection Agency as a qualified.

The system has enabled TWD to observe the water quality in the raw water intakes, in the treatment method at its purification plant, and the distribution system. Consequently, it assures the quality of the water supply and enhances TWD’s credibility.

Water Source in Taipei, Taiwan

Tap Water in Taipei

TWD also demands water samples from all water sources, which includes Feitsui Reservoir, treatment plants, and consumers’ premises for analysis. Water quality in Taipei is outstanding according to test data.

A laboratory was set up by TWD at its Water Quality Center, to ensure the potable quality of its water supply to customers. They perform regular testing on a variety of samples taken from raw water sources. They analyze various units in the filtration process, specific points in the distribution pipe network, and to conduct trend analyses on water quality readings. 

What System Are They Using to Monitor the Quality of Water?

In July 1983 to ensure healthy drinking and the stability of its water quality TWD inaugurated its computerized water quality monitoring system. The focus in the early stages was on raw water turbidity. They also check the pH value of coagulated water and residual chlorine of water output. Same with the residual chlorine of water at over 20 specific points in Taipei City.

All treatment plants were ordered to transmit water quality readings (including those obtained at the plants and others acquired at remote monitoring stations) to this Center via exclusive digital lines for overall monitoring and control. Thanks to constant R&D and improvement efforts by TWD’s professional staff, the system since then has witnessed continuous upgrades and expansions to meet increasing demands in different stages. Currently, the Center monitors readings of more than 520 water quality items across TWD’s service area. Chemical feeding procedure has also reached a high degree of automation. In short, the system has provided TWD with comprehensive, automatic monitoring and control of water quality.

Do You Have Questions?

If you are concerned about your tap water in Taipei, please feel free to call number is 8733-5678, and they will answer your questions on the phone or make a field survey and examine the water quality for you. The service is free of charge.

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