Is Auckland Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Can you drink tap water in Auckland?

Tap water in Auckland, New Zealand is safe to drink. You need to be cautious with yellow, orange, or red sign warning saying that tap water is not safe for drinking.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Local Government announced a new approach on July 31, 2019. A new governing structure in ensuring drinking water safety and improving environmental results for wastewater and stormwater. The new system is to be supervised by a dedicated Regulator to lead change and drive improvement.

Safe drinking water availability for all New Zealanders, irrespective of where they live, is a crucial requirement for public health. The improved Drinking-water Standards are an essential accomplishment in New Zealand’s endeavors to sustain and develop the quality of drinking water. After the publication of Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand 2000, the strategy in managing drinking-water quality has evolved. The core has shifted from quality control to a broader procedure of quality assurance. And changes in technology advancement in scientific knowledge and the necessity to address a more extensive range of issues than previously covered.

Source of Water in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland’s water is primarily derived from rainfed dams in the Hunua and Waitakere ranges, around 80 percent. And the remaining supply comes from the surface water of the Waikato River. Tour guides have been attracting people to see how incredible the dams look. The beauty of substantial concrete creations supplies the region and what happens when things go wrong. The very first dams were constructed in the Waitakere areas when Auckland’s original water sources were drained by a growing population.

Auckland Tap Water
Auckland Dam

The exact proportion supplied from each origin changes daily. It depends on the levels in the storage lakes, projected rainfall, treatment plant capacity, preservation requirements, and the cost of transferring water to the treatment plant.

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