Is Sao Paulo Tap Water Safe to Drink? (2019)

Is it safe to drink Sao Paulo tap waterTap water in Brazilian cities such as Sao Paulo tastes awful but generally safe to drink. In isolated areas, tap water may be suspect. Be sure to inquire about the status of water during your stay, as most of the hotels and guesthouses filter their water. One effective way of water purification is by boiling tap water for one minute. By other means, you can use a water filter, ultraviolet light (such as a steripen) or iodine pills.

Water Sources in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The primary source of water in Sao Paulo is from surface water, and the remaining comes from groundwater. The Brazilian water waste management(Sabesp) and municipal utilities get their water from surface water. On the other hand, groundwater supplies every home, apartment buildings, and services.

Sao Paulo Tap Water

If your lodging does not have that, they recommend bottled water. Seldom it is not a matter of being safe or not, one may not be used to the harmless bacteria present in a different country. Locals grew up and get used to it.

City residence claim, they do not drink tap water, even if it is supposed to be safe. But they do use it for everything else (brushing teeth etc.) Most residences have a built-in filter attached to tap.

In Brazil, the water and wastewater services comply with the Ministry of Health guidelines, which include water treatment plants with fluoridation. (following a 1974 federal law). About 70 million people in Brazil have access to fluoridated water.

When Deciding Which Water to Drink in Brazil, Keep in Mind That:

  • They mostly serve bottled mineral water in Brazil restaurants. Hence, water won’t be brought to your table until you order it, and it will usually cost more than at supermarkets and bakeries.
  • As a rule, water filters are not open to guests in Brazil hotels. You’ll find bottled mineral water in your suite’s mini-fridge which is typically much expensive.
  • The production of mineral water in Brazil is well controlled and monitored. However, the Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industries advises that consumers look for the Ministry of Health (Ministério da Saúde) registration number on the label.
  • Avoid drinking all water you don’t know the source of. In rural areas, only drink water from wells or springs if you are sure they’re safe from pesticides and other contaminants. Follow CDC’s safe food and water advice when unsure of water quality in Brazil.

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Estimated Price of Bottled Water

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