Tap Water in Prague Safe to Drink? (2019)

Yes, tap water in Prague, Czech Republic is safe to drink. No need to worry about the effect of drinking tap in your health. Usually, you will see drinking fountains in the streets and parks. Feel free to refill your bottles with fresh water. In case these sources aren’t safe to drink such notice will be displayed.

Tap Water in Prague

Prague distributes quality water; therefore, we considered that water from the tap can be used for cooking, washing, and drinking. Bottled water in commerce comes in three modifications sparkling, lightly bubbled and still (without bubbles).

The drinking water quality was monitored pursuant to the Decree No. 252/2004 Code, in the wording of the Decree No. 187/2005 Code, establishing requirements for drinking water and hot water, the scope and frequencies of the drinking water control. The amended Decree No. 187/2005 Code has been valid since 1 June 2005 and regulates namely misprints and also includes certain more precise terms.

Source of Water in Prague, Czech Republic

A portion of water comes from groundwater sources from sand-gravel strata and artesian wells. Its other source of water is surface water from the Jizera River, Želivka River, and Vltava River.

The Prague administrator of water management property is the Pražská Vodohospodářská Společnost a.s. They are responsible for keeping the water supply and sewerage system in a serviceable condition, renovation, and development.

It ensures a sophisticated evolution of this infrastructure for owners of the water management foundation together with investment projects including reconstructions of main pipelines and the sewerage system and projects connected with supplying the capital city with clean water as well as draining and treating the wastewater.

Here Are Some of the Convenience Stores in Prague

  • Pont Market
  • Večerka Na Dolinách
  • Žabka
  • Nonstop minimarket
  • Bio Market
  • Vietnamese grocery
  • AIDA minimarket
  • Market H and Q
  • Potraviny
  • AZA Non-Stop mini market
  • Levné potraviny

Estimated Price of Bottled Water

1.5-liter Kč12.83$0.55€0.50£0.44

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