Tap Water in Paris Safe to Drink? (2019)

The answer is Yes, you can drink the tap water in Paris, France and most Parisians (if not to say all) are doing it each day.

If you are out for dinner, you may request a “caraffe d’eau” instead of getting bottled water which is expensive. The waiter will serve you a pitcher of tap water that is safe to drink. Perhaps you’ll notice a faint chloral smell or taste but don’t worry about it, and it is clean and safe!

Locals suggest that you bring your bottle and use the publicly available water sources. Paris has a massive amount of fountains that provide free freshwater and is heaven in this respect for everyone that seeks to avoid plastic waste, and that is traveling on a budget!

Source of Water in Paris, France

Paris Tap Water

Half of the drinking water needs in Paris and regions come from the Seine. And the other half comes from aquifers and aqueducts.

The drinking water system is supplied mainly by reservoirs located at sites serving Paris. The areas of distribution of water from various sources can vary from time to time because of the constraints of production.

  • The Montsouris reservoir – (203,000 m³) supplies, from the waters of the Vanne and Loing aqueducts.
  • The Ménilmontant and Lilas reservoirs, the Belleville and Montmartre reservoirs and tanksHay-les-Roses – (300,000 m³) supplies, from the water coming from the Joinville plant and reservoir (229,000 m3) supplies water from the Orly plant
  • The Saint-Cloud reservoir – (355,000 m³) supplies water from the Avre aqueduct.

Here Are Some of the Convenience Stores in Paris

  • Supérette Beaumarchais
  • Proxi
  • Le Petit Casino
  • Cocci Market
  • M&S Food Châtelet les Halles
  • Space Market
  • Épicerie Libre Service
  • Hana Food
  • Paris Store
  • Casino shop
  • Monop’
  • Grocer’s Shop chez Sami
  • Auchan
  • Karas Market
  • D’Accord

Estimated Price of Bottled Water

1.5-liter €0.87$0.97 £0.80

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