Is Milan Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Last Update4:23 am, May 11, 2020

Can you drink tap water in Milan?

In Milan, Italy, tap water is safe to drink. Nevertheless, there have been some complaints about leeching pipes from residents living in old buildings. The contaminants that are most likely to be found in Milan’s water supply are lead, heavy metals, microplastics, and chlorine by-products. Fortunately, only certain regions of Milan will be affected by these contaminants. Before drinking tap water, it is essential to ask ex-pats staying near you about their experience.

Source of Water in Milan, Italy

Milan Tap Water

Drinking water in Milan comes from 433 wells around the city. However, other cities in Italy source their water from rivers around the country.

A yearly fifty-eight billion cubic meters of water resources is required in Milan, of which 72% comes from surface water and 28% from groundwater. About 70% of the underground resources are in the flood plains of northern Italy. On the other hand, groundwater is in southern Italy along the short stretches of coastal lowlands and in a few inland areas.

The Vedovelle Fountains

Drinking Fountain
Bronze Fountain

The Vedovelle is the typical dark green cast-iron public drinking fountain in Milan. The water fountains are about one and a half meters high and fifty centimeters wide. A dragon’s head emerges from a rectangular base adorned with the municipality of Milan design and topped with a pinion.

The strange name given to the drinking fountains originates from the sound of the endless stream of water. There are about 400 functioning fountains dispersed throughout the municipality of Milan. The website has a map of all the locations where these fountains can be found.

The oldest Vedovella is in the bronze structure located in Piazza Della Scala. Architect Luca Beltrami was inspired by the gargoyles on the side of the Duomo and designed the huge rainwater drains in the shape of scary monsters.

Current Weather in Milan


Some of the Convenience Stores in Milan

 Euro Zone Market
Euro Zone Market
  • Enoteca El Vinatt dal 1964
  • Vivafruit S.R.L.
  • Mini Market Il Negozio Sotto Casa
  • Stendhal’s Mini market
  • Gran Market – Ok Sigma
  • Lino Market
  • La Bottega Simply
  • Semprebio – emporio&ristoro – Cuorebio
  • Market Girasole
  • Euro Zone Market

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