Is Melbourne Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Last Update2:41 am, May 11, 2020

Can you drink tap water in Melbourne?

Tap water in Melbourne, Australia, is one of the safest fluids to drink. Melbourne Water tests the water frequently to ensure it meets the strict water quality standard. They also check the color, taste, and smell of water. The water is treated and disinfect before it leaves the reservoirs and enters the water supply system.

Melbourne Tap Water
Melbourne, Australia

If you stay in a hotel, it is your right to ask hotel employees if you can drink tap directly. There are old structures that may create contamination to the water coming from the tap. If found safe, feel free to drink potable water. As the study shows, tap water is healthier than bottled water. And there may be some bottled water that came from the tap.

A small amount of fluoride is added to water to keep your teeth healthy. The first municipality to fluoridate the water supply in Australia was Beaconsfield, Tasmania, in 1953. Although all public water supplies in Tasmania do fluoridate, around 15% of the residents do not have access to local water supplies.

Source of Water in Melbourne, Australia

The primary source of tap water in Melbourne is from rainfall. Water catchment zones have sponge-like soils that filter and keep rainwater. Then gently release it into the rivers that serve the water storage reservoirs. Most of these catchments have restricted public access, delivering pure water that needs little treatment. In terms of crucial need, they can also use water of the Victorian Desalination Plant and North-South Pipeline.

Around 80% of Melbourne’s water originates from isolated forests in the Yarra Ranges and Central Highlands. In the margin of 1,570 square kilometers is held for water catchment. These forests initially consist of Mountain Ash. For more than 100 years, catchment areas are blocked to the public.

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CT Mart Convenience Store
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