Is Marrakesh Tap Water Safe to Drink?

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Can you drink tap water in Marrakesh?

The tap water in Marrakesh, Morocco, is chlorinated. It is perfectly safe to drink. Locals use tap water daily. However, they recommend drinking bottled water for tourists if they will only stay for a short period. You would not like to spoil your holidays. While your body develops immunization, bottled water is advised for the first few weeks. Whether you opt to drink filtered water or to acclimate yourself gradually, we recommend buying bottled water. Also, advise purchasing bottled water from the supermarket.

Marrakesh Tap Water
Marrakesh, Morocco

In 1995 a new water law was published. It gives a complete structure for integrated water control. New law organizes an efficient juridical tool to develop considerable efforts for water use. Same with mobilization to make them compatible with aspirations of socio-economic development.

Source of Water in Marrakesh, Morocco

The common source of tap water in Marrakesh and other city is the surface water and groundwater. Marrakech has the same resources. Morocco is divided into seven major river basins and several smaller basins. The seven significant basins from North to South are:

Atlas, Mountain
Atlas, Mountain
  • Loukkos River
  • Moulouya River
  • Sebou River
  • Bou Regreg River
  • Oum Er-Rbia River
  • Tensift River
  • Souss-Massa-Drâa basin

All these rivers begin in the Atlas Mountains, excluding the Loukkos River.

Marrakech manages its wastewater and no longer pulls its water from groundwater. The national office of fresh water (ONEP) established in 1972. And they are the primary producer of drinking water in Morocco. The national office controls the quality and quantity of both surface and groundwater. ONEP also in command of handling water-related emergencies. The wastewater treatment process initiates the use of traditional organic water treatment. Often referred to as activated sludge treatment. The method includes a pretreatment, primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment. In making the water ready for reuse.

Traveller’s notes

Tap water in Marrakesh is safe though it tastes less than delicious. Some travellers still suffer problems with the water because of different treatment systems. If you have a sensitive stomach, it’s best to bring a water bottle with a filtration system along on your visit. Bottled water is widely available but consider your environmental impact.

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Some of the Convenience Stores in Marrakesh

  • Superette Khairi
  • M’ bark
  • Biomedica Marrakech
  • Les Huitres Kandy
  • Tamarates Luxury dates
  • Mini Marché Majorelle
  • Victoria DRINK STORE
  • Total
  • Superette Koulchi
  • U Shop

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