Is Las Vegas Tap Water Safe to Drink? (2020)

Safe to drink?yes
Passed the WHO International Standard or the EPA Standard?yes
The estimated price of bottled water in USD(1.5-liter)$1.25

You can safely drink tap water in Las Vegas, Nevada. The water in Las Vegas passes state and international water standards. The Las Vegas Valley Water District delivers reliable water quality. A non-profit utility LVVWD began providing water in 1954 to a service area of around 45,000 residences and has been serving this desert community for about 65 years. The Water District has managed pace, development, and responsibility for controlling the city’s water delivery system. They are serving residents throughout periods of rapid population growth by using effective, sustainable technologies. A great example would be the use of solar power and alternative-fuel based fleets that maintain low costs for water delivery in the desert.

Las Vegas Tap Water
Las Vegas, NV USA

The Federal government has set national standards for drinking water in the Safe Drinking Water Act. The law is upheld by the Environmental Protection Agency, which sets the rules that all providers of drinking water in the United States are required to follow. The Safe Drinking Water Act amendments of 1996 require states to develop and implement water assessments to analyze and address potential threats to the safety of drinking water. These evaluations require each state to identify the sources of drinking water, and to inventory any potential sources of contamination. After determining how vulnerable their water sources are to pollutants, the results are passed along to the public.

Source of Water in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

90% of Las Vegas tap water comes from Lake Mead. Snowmelt from the Rocky Mountains passes through the Colorado River and eventually leads to Lake Mead. The remaining 10% comes from a groundwater aquifer under the Las Vegas Valley. The aquifer is replenished by natural precipitation in the Spring Mountains and the Sheep Range.

In Nevada, the regulations are controlled and reinforced by the Nevada Bureau of Safe Drinking Water. They oversee that the Las Vegas area obeys the federal requirements and maintains high water quality.

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