Is Kuala Lumpur Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Last Update4:07 am, May 11, 2020

Can you drink tap water in Kuala Lumpur?

Can you drink tap water in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Technically Kuala Lumpur tap water does meet the standards set by the World Health Organization for drinking water. In fact, the Malaysian Ministry of Health has established parameters utilizing those standards set by the WHO.

Kuala Lumpur Tap Water
Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

According to locals, many do not drink tap water. They use bottled water or boiled water for drinking. You may use tap water for brushing your teeth and buy generic brands of bottled water from supermarkets or convenience stores to stay hydrated.

Source of Water in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The primary water source of Malaysia is rivers, and it supplies 97% of the water needed for domestic, industrial, and agricultural use. Other sources of water include rainfall, evapotranspiration, and groundwater recharge.

What Causing the Contamination?

Kuala Lumpur tap water is generally safe to drink as chlorination during the treatment process would have killed any bacteria present in water. However, there were other factors to be considered.

Tap water is safer if a person’s lives near the water treatment plant and has new main water pipes. New pipes must be few years old and not be made from cast iron which can corrode over time. Piping in homes, if left unchanged, is also susceptible to corrosion. Piping might not be corroded if the house is less than 10 years old.

A prominent water expert and university professor in Kuala Lumpur is quoted as saying, “tap water is safe if there are no repairs or upgrading works by the water service provider that can pollute and contaminate the pipe water, and also if there are no leaks in the original pipes or the pipes in your house.”

Conventional water treatment cannot filter heavy metals, organic contaminants, and microbial organisms. Water near agricultural areas may carry harmful organic material from excessive pesticide or fertilizer applications. Water collected near industrial plants can cause also contain pollutants that are not eliminated during conventional water treatment.

Traveller’s Notes

  • Never drink tap water unless you’ve verified that it’s safe. KL’s water supply comes mostly from modern treatment plants but it’s still best to boil it before drinking.
  • Check bottled-water seals are intact at purchase.
  • Avoid ice in places that look dubious.
  • Avoid fresh juices if they have not been freshly squeezed or you suspect they may have been watered down.
  • Boiling water is the most efficient method of purifying it.
  • Iodine, the best chemical purifier, should not be used by pregnant women or those who suffer thyroid problems.

Current Weather in Kuala Lumpur


Some of the Convenience Stores in Kuala Lumpur

myNEWS Convenience Store
  • FamilyMart
  • 7-Eleven
  • Kl Convenience Store
  • Jajan convenience store
  • 24in Convenient Store
  • Gilasco
  • 168 Store

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