Is Tap Water in Johannesburg Safe to Drink? (2019)

The tap water in Johannesburg, South Africa is safe to drink, and the quality is good enough for consumption. Tap water in Johannesburg is said to be some of the most reliable and cleanest in the world.

Tap Water in Johannesburg

Tap water undergoes treatment which guarantees it is free of dangerous micro-organisms and contaminants. In some regions, South African drinking water is rich in minerals.

Avoid, drinking water from streams and rivers, particularly in areas where there is human habitation. These may carry water-borne diseases. But if you find unpolluted mountain steam, a drink should be most refreshing.

Contaminated water can be sanitized by boiling for 10 minutes, or adding a teaspoon of bleach per 25 liters or a teaspoon of chlorine granules per 200 liters. In both the latter cases, let the water to stand for 2 hours. A different approach is to expose water to direct sunlight for at least 6 hours in a translucent container with a small airspace, shaking after filling and every hour after that.

Source of Water in Johannesburg, South Africa

Initially, Johannesburg tap water comes from the groundwater of the Zuurbekom Well. Water from the well was of such good quality that it didn’t need any purification. Due to the growing population, the water from Zuurbekom Wells no longer enough to supply them water. Another source will be the Vaal River to the south of Johannesburg.

In 1938 the Vaal Dam was built upstream of the Vaal River Barrage Reservoir, which is now the primary source of water. Rivers such as the Vaal, Klip, and Wilge Rivers naturally flow into the Vaal Dam. These rivers flow through agricultural land and rural settlements with very little industry. The Vaal Dam is of good quality by international standards.

The Vaal River is one of the major rivers in South Africa, but the runoff is not constant (erratic). In order to store water, they build a large dam.

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