Is Tap Water in Istanbul Safe to Drink? (2019)

Is tap water safe to drink in Istanbul, Turkey? Yes, it is safe to drink. Tap water is pretreated in water treatment facilities by ISKI ( Water authority of Istanbul ) and drinkable but:

Old pipelines and water tanks in the building can lead to water contaminations. That is out of ISKI control. To avoid contamination, a trace amount of free chloride within the water, which is hard to notice. Due to chloride, hardness, and long retention time in pipes. It may not taste and smell as good as soft natural water. Locals have a very delicate taste, and they prefer not to drink tap water. However, it is safe to say that tap water in Istanbul is safe and clean potable water.


If you are concerned with your health, we recommend bottled water. As every person is different. Especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

Source of Water in Istanbul, Turkey

Almost all of Istanbul’s drinking water (97%) comes from surface water collected in: 

  • Omerli-Darlik system – on the Asian side  
  • Terkos-Alibeykoy system – on the European side. 

Both consist of dams, reservoirs, water treatment plants, and pipelines.

Tap Water in Istanbul

Reservoirs supply Istanbul is located within the metropolitan area. They are exposed to pollution from settlements without adequate sanitation. Conservation zones around the reservoirs control water quality. Who limit construction and industrial activities in four concentric buffer zones with increasingly strict ordinances the closer the zones are. Despite, there is little implementation of these regulations in the face of rapid and often unplanned urbanization. Illegal settlements sprang up around the reservoirs, fed by land speculation. Afterward, they became de facto legalized with their municipal administrations elected mayors. 

Here Are Some Local Convenience Stores

  • Köşem Grocery Shop
  • Topagaci Kasabi
  • Dilek Gida
  • Doğanlar Mini Market
  • Peynirci Baba
  • Petrol Ofisi Market
  • Özdil Tekel
  • Levent Tekel Shop
  • Novi Pazar Gourmet
  • Gilo Market
  • İndigo Tekel Şarküteri
  • Ak Gida
  • Ekomini
  • Istanbul Mini Market

Estimated Price of Bottled Water


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