Is Dublin Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Last Update3:41 am, May 11, 2020

Can you drink tap water in Dublin?

The tap water in Dublin, Ireland, is safe to drink. Drinking water is a scarce commodity vital to the City and the health of its citizens. Every day 540 million liters of high-quality drinking water is provided to 1.5 million customers in the Dublin Region. In general, the quality of the public drinking water supply remained high, according to the report of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). But continued investment to ensure the protection of supply was needed.

Dublin Tap Water
Dublin, Ireland

The record shows that 99.9% of public drinking water samples taken complied with microbiological standards. And 99.6% of samples complied with the chemical rules.

Generally, bigger towns like Dublin, you should feel secure to drink the tap water. But in rural areas, you may want to avoid ice cubes and stick to bottled water cautiously. Several hotels and restaurants throughout the country also have their water filter system that would make it safe to drink.

Source of Water in Dublin, Ireland

The primary source of tap water supply for the Dublin Region is surface water. Water is abstracted from Poulaphuca lake and treated in Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant. Treated water is then transmitted from Ballymore Eustace to Dublin. Of the water treatment plants, water runs by gravity into large pipes to service reservoirs. These give short-term storage to guarantee a constant water supply throughout peak demand periods. Levels in the reservoirs drop during the day when demand is high and rise by night during demand is low.

From the service reservoirs, water flows through a smaller pipe system (distribution mains) to the City’s homes, schools, and businesses. Most water flows by gravity. However, in some elevated areas, it is necessary to pump. Over two thousand kilometers of underground pipes carry the water in a web-like network through the City.

Another source of water comes from groundwater. ​​​​Groundwater is vital as a source of drinking water, and it supports river flows, lake levels, and ecosystems. It contains natural substances dissolved from the soils and rocks. Human actions on the land surface can cause contamination. As a clean but vulnerable resource, groundwater needs to be managed and protected.

Traveller’s Notes

Don’t bother with bottled water in restaurants; Dublin’s tap water is perfectly safe, free and generally excellent.

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Some of the Local Convenience Stores in Dublin

Centra Convenience Store
Centra Convenience Store
  • Londis
  • Centra
  • Spar
  • O’Dwyer’s Daybreak
  • Extramart
  • Aziz Newsagents
  • Costcutter
  • MACE
  • Daybreak
  • Camelot Store
  • Paprika Store
  • Maxol
  • Gala

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