Is Copenhagen Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Last Update3:51 am, May 11, 2020

Can you drink tap water in Copenhagen?

The tap water in Copenhagen, Denmark, is safe to drink. The water is fresh and cheaper with great taste. You are free to use it for washing and brushing. Water goes through a strict daily quality controls. Rest assured, it is safe to drink without adding chlorine or other chemicals.

Copenhagen Tap Water
Tivoli Gardens

The Danish Ministry of the Environment trying to convince people to switch to tap water instead of bottled water. In general, Denmark’s water one of the most environmentally friendly in the world and much cheaper than bottled water from a supermarket.

The City of Copenhagen set up more than 60 drinking fountains all over the metropolis to decrease CO2 emissions generated by the production of bottled water. Locals and tourists can enjoy the fresh, high-quality tap water for free. Copenhagen intends to be the first CO2-neutral capital in the world in 2025. Drinking fountains are one of the ways to accomplish a challenging goal.

Source of Water in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark’s primary water source, came from the absorption of groundwater from the chalk aquifer. The groundwater quality from these deep aquifers is generally high. It takes 40-60 years for the water to penetrate down to the aquifer — an estimated resource of 1,800 million m³ groundwater per year. About one-third of the water is used by households, one third by agriculture, market gardens, and another one third used by industry and institutions. Some businesses buy water from the public network, while others draw their water.

The European Environment and Health Committee found zero microbial failed rate of measurement on E. coli on the extensive water supply system. Colossal water supply plants have microbiological failures during a very occasionally limited period.

Current Weather in Copenhagen


Some of the Convenience Stores in Copenhagen

Elite Convenience Stores
Elite Convenience Stores
  • 7-Eleven
  • Kiosk Vesterbrogade
  • Maria’s Kiosk
  • Døgneren v/Nazia Hussain
  • Elite
  • Dalgas Kiosk 162
  • Ns Købmand
  • Rosa Kiosk
  • Stop´n Shop
  • Julia’s Kiosk
  • Shell Select
  • Centerkiosken
  • Dhadra Food Store

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