Is Chicago Tap Water Safe to Drink? (2020)

Safe to drink?yes
Passed the WHO International Standard or the EPA Standard?yes
The estimated price of bottled water in USD(1.5-liter)$2.23

Tap water in Chicago, Illinois, is safe to drink. The taste of their tap water is excellent! You may also drink tap from public places, and it’s safe. Even better, and it’s free. The only limitation may be for small children, to guarantee children’s safety, you might need to request or check with your landlord for the latest quality test. In hotels, you can ask the staff about tap water or faucet water.

Chicago Tap  Water
Lake Michigan – Chicago, Illinois

You may have read other articles about household tap water contains lead higher than the EPA standards allow. A big city like Chicago must have fresh water available to its inhabitants. Other cities may also have contaminated water. Old pipe or lead pipe is causing polluted water. And lead pipes were banned in Chicago year 1986.

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Source of Water in Chicago, Illinois

The source of tap water in Chicago comes from the surface water of Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is the second-largest lakes in the world. And the only one found within the United States. Not just serve as the source of drinking water, it is as well a place for swimming, fishing, and scenic wonderland.

Two treatment plants are available to disinfect raw water drawn from Lake Michigan. The Jardine Water Purification Plant gives water for the northern areas of the City and suburbs. And the Sawyer Water Purification Plant remains liable for supplying the southern regions of the City and neighborhoods.

Chicago water treatment involves disinfection with chlorine, fluoride, or other chemicals to kill any bacteria in the water. Treatment plants doing a couple of test compositions from every point of the treatment system. A report of findings submitted to control Engineers.

Engineers make judgments on everything from water sources that applied in the purification process.

Their pumping stations distribute pressurized water throughout the city. Chicago does not use water towers to distribute water supply. A rare number of the suburbs use towers for high pressure supplied by gravity and kept uniform.

Some of the Convenience Stores in Chicago

CVS Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy
  • 7-Eleven
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Garden Gourmet Market
  • Viva Food Mart
  • Amazon Go
  • Malibu Convenience Store
  • SouthLoop Market
  • McCormick Market
  • Stop Everyday
  • Gateway Newsstands
  • GreenArch Food Mar
  • Grand Food Mart
  • John’s Food Mart

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