Is Buenos Aires Tap Water Safe to Drink? (2019)

How safe is it to drink tap water in Buenos Aires, Argentina? The tap water in Buenos AIres is safe to drink and most parts of the country. The British engineered the water system, and the water is as safe or better than the UK drinking water throughout the country. Just like in the UK, the mineral content alters region by region and people with more sensitive digestive systems may take a while to get used to the mineral balance in certain other parts of the country. A preference for bottled or filtered water there is plenty of it about, but the mains water here is all potable.

Buenos Aires Tap Water

During the purification process, they carry out three systematic, simultaneous and complementary controls:

  • Online controls.
  • The controls of the plant laboratories.
  • The controls of the Central Laboratory.

They comply with 59 water quality standards. The Regulatory Framework defines these parameters, which based on the requirements of the Argentine Food Code (CAA), as well as the leading international guidelines and reference standards, such as those of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Source of Water in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Over most of its history, Buenos Aires has lived a city with a quality water supply produced by the immense Río de la Plata and encircling high plains that have sufficient high-quality groundwater below them. On the outskirts of the city, the inhabitants have excellent access to wells and piped water.

Some of the Local Convenience Stores Found in Buenos Aires

  • Minimarket Dique 3 SRL
  • Florida
  • La Fábrica
  • Tatekosher
  • Grandes Clásicos
  • Shell Shop
  • Drugstore “El Gamba”
  • Manolo – Importador y Mayoris
  • Barrio Ejercito de Los Andes F
  • España 9

Estimated Price of Bottled Water


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