Is Tap Water in Budapest Safe to Drink? (2019)

Can you drink tap water in Budapest Hungary? The answer is yes. They have an authority that monitors the quality of tap water.

Water Source in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Waterworks deliver fresh and healthy drinking water for over 2 million people in Budapest. Long pipeline system unites wells on Csepel Island, the Margaret Island, the Szentendre Island, as well as the left and right banks of the Danube with the water taps of the homes and workplaces.

Wells is capable of creating and producing 1 million cubic meters of water every day, which is more than the volume used by the people of Budapest on an ordinary day. However, despite water abundance, they regularly keep it in mind that they work with the treasure of the nature that must be preserved by all means.

Tap Water in Budapest

Their company provides high-quality water to the inhabitants of Budapest and many surrounding settlements even in international comparison. Laboratories analyze approximately 11,000 water samples per year and assess the quality of the water produced and supplied based on their characteristics:

  • physical
  • chemical
  • microbiological
  • bacteriological
  • radiological

The results prove that the quality of the Budapest drinking water meets the relevant Hungarian standards and the European Union regulations. The public health authority is monitoring the quality of water.

How is The Disinfection Done?

Before the drinking water enters the pipeline, it is disinfected with chlorine gas using continuously operating chlorine dispensers. In the case of works of art (wells, pools, water towers) and pipeline sections, we also use hypo for disinfection.

To what extent do they add disinfectant to the water? The water consumed does not pose a public health problem. At present, the measurable residual chlorine content is 0.2 mg / l, which is in line with the recommendation of the health authority. We deviate from this value if the quality of the water supplied is adversely affected (such as floods, pipe breaks, ).

Water Hardiness

The enjoyment of drinking water and the efficiency of the water used for washing are partly due to the hardness of the drinking water, i.e., how much calcium oxide (CaO) in one liter of water. According to the measurements in the capital, we can mostly talk about medium-hard water. It is essential to know that the harder the water, the better it tastes. It is true, however, that less efficient washing and our washing machine do not like too hard water. In most cases, such as the packaging of detergent powders, the water hardness is given in so-called German Hardness (NK) *.

The average hardness of the drinking water in our service area is 148 mg / l CaO.

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