Is Brussels Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Last Update3:47 am, May 11, 2020

Can you drink tap water in Brussels?

You can drink tap water in Brussels, Belgium. As far as the World Health Organization or European Union is concerned, Brussels, Belgium tap water passed the quality standard for drinking water. They also proved that the tap water is healthier than bottled water in Brussels. Authorities managed the quality of water seriously.

Brussels Tap Water
St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels

About the taste, it may vary in place you are staying. Especially if you live or stay in an old household or building, the color and flavor may be different from the other. Using old pipes might cause contamination to your tap water. They use little chlorine for treatment to ensure safety. If you will compare the taste of water in Brussels, it is better than tap into New York. To lessen the taste of chlorine, we suggest that you leave the water in your fridge for a few hours. Or in some cases, you may also boil the water for a minute.

Since 2013, in the shade of Saint Michel and Gudule Cathedral, exists a free water fountain of a particular kind. In addition to offering open drinkable water, you also have the option of it being warm or cold and even sparkling water. As you walk downtown, they have available potable water fountains in the area. Hydrating is not an issue; potable water is available almost everywhere.

Source of Water in Brussels, Belgium

The primary source of water in Belgium is from surface water. The water distribution is coming from five river basins. Brussels get water from the Scheldt river basin and the Maas river basin that came from the sea that flows in the Netherlands. Other sources of tap water are springs and groundwater. The local government took a leading role, while the municipalities maintained an essential function for ensuring water supply and treatment.

An impressive perspective of the Belgian water and sanitation sector is the acknowledgment of a fundamental right to water. The Walloon and Brussels Regions have set up Social Funds for Water, which provide financial support to people having difficulties in paying their water bills.

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Some of the Local Convenience Stores in Brussels

Carrefour Express
Carrefour Express
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  • Spar Express
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  • Louis Delhaize – Porte de Hal
  • Alimentation Générale Sarah
  • Carrefour Express
  • La Bunicuta
  • Superette Nataneli
  • Au Bon Coin Sprl
  • Brussels Shop
  • Stop and Save Night Shop
  • Kam Yuen Supermarket
  • Black Night Press Shop & Food Store

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