Tap Water in Barcelona Safe for Drinking? (2019)

Can you drink tap water in Barcelona? Yes, drinking tap water in Barcelona is safe! According to Ministerio de Sanidad(Ministry of Health) and Aigües de Barcelona, Barcelona’s tap water meets all international standards and passes all water regulations.

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Above all, many choose to drink bottled water. Although Barcelona’s tap water is safe and clean. Due to the poor taste of the water that comes from the extensive chlorination method. This is because of Barcelona’s position along the Mediterranean Sea. They need to use more chlorine to prevent the high mineral content found in the stone that runs along the coast. In other words, high chlorine levels cause tap water to taste then and smell poorly.

Source of Water in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Tap Water

We should consider the water source to determine the water quality of the city. Tap water in Barcelona came from the Ter and the Llobregat river. The Llobregat, which provides the city with the majority of its water and has very high levels of minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

The river crosses into a very salty region northwest of Barcelona near the town of Súria. As a result, the water from the Llobregat tastes much better in areas before the river reaches Súria. Later, it gets salty. They can only handle 20% of the city’s water needs and are very costly to operate. The bad taste of the water comes from high salt levels. The osmosis system somewhat eliminates the salty taste. Also, the high levels of chlorine used to protect it from contamination. 

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