Is Athens Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Last Update4:27 am, May 11, 2020

Can you drink tap water in Athens?

Athens tap water is safe to drink. What do we expect from the capital city of Greece? Most locals drink water directly from the tap. The taste may depend on your location and may differ from other European countries.

Athens tap water
Parthenon – Athens, Greece

Hotels will warn you if the water is not suitable for consumption. If you worry too much about the taste, bottled water is cheaper in the supermarket. And most restaurants do serve both bottled water and tap water.

Please be cautious that small towns and islands in Greece tap water’s are probably unsafe. Most of the islands get their drinking water from the mainland. The water of the isle is only good for bathing and cleaning.

Source of Water in Athens, Greece

Athens tap water primary source comes from surface water. Another source supplied by boreholes to reach groundwater.

The Lake Marathon and Lake Yliki are the two surface water supplying the capital. Lake Marathon, located close to the city, has a capacity of 41 million cubic meters and tapped through the Boyati tunnel. And Lake Yliki is located 60 km northwest of Athens has a capacity of 590 million cubic meters. Another source is the Mornos reservoir has a capacity of 780 million cubic meters and Evinos reservoir with a capacity of 140 million cubic meters. Both reservoirs water tapped through tunnels.

Due to lack of rainfall during the 90s the city used a backup water supply. The 105 boreholes in three wellfields are used during an emergency.

The local supplies managed by EYDAP, a merged of incumbent water supplier in Athens and Piraeus(Hellenic Water Company and Greater Athens Sewerage Organization).

Traveller’s Notes

Tap water is drinkable and safe. Good mineral water is also widely available. Higher-end restaurants will often offer bottled water by default, but you can always request tap.

Current Weather in Athens


Some of the Convenience Stores in Athens

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OK Any Time Market
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  • The Grocery Store
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  • Your Mini Market
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